The Giving Tree began with a question - How can we create a space where it is simple and easy for every individual to use their skills to accelerate change within their community and around the world? Our answer was to set up a global platform for social organizations, corporates, academic institutions and individuals to collaborate towards the achievement of social goals in a professional and sustainable manner.

After working in the development sector for over 15 years we have experienced the challenges faced by social organizations to attract, afford and retain skilled people. In spite of their great work, most social organizations are under-resourced and overworked. We are entering a new age where the virtual transcends international borders. We believe that we have the ability to use our expertise and skills to take social impact to another dimension...and all we need is collaboration. We decided to apply our collective learnings and experience to set up a platform for collaboration with the end goal of creating an impact and making a difference.

The Giving Tree is a place where social organizations, corporates and skilled individuals come together to participate and contribute their skills to social impact projects, connect and collaborate over causes that matter to them and share their inspiring stories of change.

We achieve our mantra of Skills + Needs = Social Impact in two ways:

  • By connecting organizations with interns/ volunteers who work pro bono
  • By connecting organizations with professional consultants who will provide you with innovative insights and fresh ideas at a highly affordable rate

Impact Advisory - We act for impact

We understand that social impact organisations are often constrained by limited resources, staff and business experience. To help you with these challenges, we offer a consultancy service where we advise nonprofits, foundations and social enterprises on how to develop and evaluate strategies that advance their missions and support companies by designing social impact strategies and initiatives. By combining practical advice with unconventional thinking we ensure that you reach your full potential.

Our virtual consultants consist of highly motivated professionals who are passionate about making a social impact anywhere in the world. All these services typically come at a high fee but we offer this at a highly subsidised and affordable cost keeping in mind your limited resources. We select and curate our consultants to ensure that they are able to deliver the impact necessary for you to grow and succeed - all this tailored to your needs.

We partner with social organizations and enterprises to create social change. Our areas of expertise includes:
The Why
It's your cause, your purpose, your motive and your proof.
The why is the core belief in what you do. We help staff and boards articulate values and develop a vision for how you can contribute to transformative change

Strategic Planning
Not enough hours in the day to strategize on your organization’s next move?
We do this for you by developing comprehensive plans that identify clear goals and powerful strategies to strengthen your ability to create change
Don’t know who to approach for funding and how to write a great proposal?
We streamline and scale your fundraising efforts including building accountability and transparency norms as well as creation of proposal and pitch decks
Is Marketing and Communications one of your biggest challenges?
We offer specialised communications expertise geared towards helping social organizations build their brand and impact story. This includes marketing and communication plans, social media and collateral development
Looking to amplify your cause?
We build and design websites and technology platforms for our clients to enable them to reach their goals
Having trouble managing your volunteers and interns?
We help with HR and volunteer management and ensure that the right skills are matched to your requirements

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We believe that the private sector can play a critical role in helping address the world’s social and environmental challenges. Our areas of expertise includes:
CSR Strategy
We help CSR and corporate foundation leaders develop a strategy and implement initiatives
and Events
We work with corporates to amplify their social impact through volunteering opportunities for their employees

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We Act for Impact! Our team consists of people with different backgrounds and skill sets and we recognise the strength in diversity. We believe that international borders are not an obstacle to giving and creative collaboration can happen anywhere!

Shuaiba Rahaman
The wearer of many hats. Aspiring to build a platform where small actions multiplied by many people can create positive change
Smita Krishnakumar
Communications and Social Media Professional
Lead Orchestrator. Led by passion for digital and experiential activities
Venetia Vickers
Strategist & Business Consultant
Economist. Strategy Advisor. Driven by passion for social development
Cara Margetts
Research and Policy
Passionate about numbers and analysis. Student voice ambassador
Achaiah PM
Technology and Management Professional
Enables technology solutions, resolves business issues and enhances efficiencies
Ajay George
Process Improvement Specialist
Solves problems. Makes processes and things work better, cheaper and faster